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Witness the future of hope
in Louisville.

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Everyone Deserves Community

Community support  is at the heart of our work. We do not intend to reciprocate what’s been done through harmful power dynamics and systemic injustice, but yet seek to re-imagine services and create a life sustaining, innovative community. We are building a linear community that will involve faith leaders and congregations, grassroots service providers, neighborhood associations, and businesses.

Be a part of our Hope Village community:

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Supportive Communities

Folks willing to re-imagine how we can host and serve our unhoused neighbors. How to be supportive to those that are closest to you.


Resource Sharing

Community members are invited to share their skills and expertise with THV. We are consistently looking for professional support to expand our capacity and continue equipping our villagers with life, social, and practical skills.

Image by Monica Melton


We are seeking for our villagers to have a mentor that walks with them through stages of transition. 2-3 will be assigned to mentors that feel led to walk alongside a villager they can connect with or to.

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Meal Sharing

Relationships are built around meals. We seek congregations and neighbors to sign up to bring meals to Hope Village and create linear relationships with those in our village.

Image by Joel Muniz


We welcome the involvement of volunteers with specialized skills. Please reach out to explore how we might partner. Days and times (goal is for 20-30 orgs taking one day/ night a month)

Clothes Donation

Donations (things to resource our villagers): hygiene products, snacks, towels, toilet paper, soap, socks, boots, gently used clothes and shoes, gift cards, etc( we want folks to collect consistently)

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You Can Help!

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Hope Village

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