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Faith & Mission BasedPartners

Join The Hope Buss
in doing the work

Since 2019, the Hope Buss has been bridging the gap between local organizations and the community by attacking hopelessness at its core. We connect local organizations, like yours, to the crisis in the community and create sustainable resources to invigorate hope and strength into the people.


As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, we do this by meeting people’s basic needs and providing food, school supplies, clothing, and, when needed shelter, throughout the Louisville community. Despite being a fairly new organization, we’re already serving thousands of people in neighborhoods that suffer from the deepest intergenerational poverty cycle. 


It’s our belief that if people can be sustained and experience hope, they’ll be more equipped and encouraged to join efforts that build a city that is rooted in love, justice, and true compassion. 

That’s why we’re so excited to invite you to become an inaugural Mission Outreach Partner. This is an opportunity to expand your impact in the Louisville community and join in our work directly. 


We’re asking that congregations who sign on as Mission Outreach Partners covenant with us in the following ways: 


  • Allow us to feature your congregation’s name and logo on our website and printed materials; 

  • Commit to a meaningful monthly financial gift or love offering for at least the next year to help sustain the work. Our recommended commitment is $125-$200 per month, or whatever gift is meaningful for your congregation for at least one year; and

  • Commit to pray for us and extend to your congregants the opportunity to get directly involved by serving the most vulnerable of our neighbors through volunteering and direct participation. 


I would love to connect with you to discuss how becoming an official partner in this life-saving work here in our community can be a blessing to Louisville and your congregation. 


You can commit by using the secure link provided below. This commitment form will help our outreach team build and maintain a strong relationship with your congregation for the duration of our partnership. 


Please let us know your commitment level; We are so excited to partner with you.

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