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Read the story behind The Hope Buss and see the mission behind our community work

The Hope Buss is a 501(c)(3) organization that works to bridge the gap between local organizations and the community by attacking hopelessness at its core in a myriad of ways. The Hope Buss strives to connect local organizations to the crisis in the community, create sustainable resources, and invigorate hope and strength into the people. Understanding that needs will vary by each neighborhood, we work to assess the needs of residents and become partners with churches and community organizations to meet those needs.


At The Hope Buss, we strive to turn the needs of the community into strengths, believing that the work we begin will result in sustainable resources from which the community can eventually thrive with the ultimate goal of alleviating poverty. To date, The Hope Buss has hosted grocery store runs, health fairs, community conversations on mental health, mental health conferences, free farmer's markets and school supplies giveaways.


Who We Serve

The Hope Buss primarily serves these groups:

Residents of Louisville's West End;
60% of which live at or
below the poverty line

Residents of
Senior Living Communities

Individuals and
Families experiencing Homelessness

Historically neglected and under-resourced families

Youth and Young Adults between
the ages of 16 - 24

Through a variety of community based programs, The Hope Buss seeks to change the lives of those we serve by providing resources and extending access. We are actively reimagining the lives of others and encouraging the hopeless to embrace hope once again. Help us make a lasting impact!
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