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The Hope Buss is a 501(c)(3) organization focused on empowering families

and individuals to reimagine our community, by working alongside them to

build HOPE-based infrastructure and create sustainable resources.

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"Hope is a sure confidence that resides within. It does not exist in limbo, nor does it wait for miraculous intervention​, rather it is the confident expectation that if one works diligently, following God's lead, what we are working towards eventually materializes.

Hope is the anchor that keeps us grounded even after multiple failed attempts and the single driving force that says, "Yes" when the world says, "No.""
Stachelle Bussey
Founder and Executive Director

Our Corporate Partners

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The Community

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Hope Dealers

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The People

The community is the heart of who we are and what we do. We are people-powered so we can remain people-focused and our community partners are essential to this work. So, we want to thank every monthly donor who sustains us, all the folks who give during the annual Give for Good drive because you boost us, and our supporters who randomly drop us some dollars every now and then because you surprise us.

We grow at the generosity of our givers from the grannies to the gangsters, and the CEOs to the janitors, so thank you for helping us grow, helping us serve, and helping us stay grounded. 
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